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Day 46 - Living through pandemic COVID19 - 8th May, 2020

So I am no longer calling it Living the Lockdown Life, because I'm working enough that I don't feel locked down anymore.

Maggie is still unwell and went to the vet this afternoon. Blood work is good so that's a relief. Possibly a gastric upset. We are upping her dose X5. She at least are a 1/4 chook today.

Met with Deb De Rossi with Kris and Catharine. She's wanting to start consulting for local govt and NFP groups. Her home is just divine, leafy, on a hill overlooking the Yarra River in. Warrandyte. It was really lovely sitting on her patio in the sun.

Paul is home again from Mt Buller.

There's talk that on Monday we may be able to meet our friends and have small Gatherings again. We will see though as Victoria is the strictest in the country.

Night. X

Last night's super moon

Poor sick Maggie

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