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Living the Lockdown Life Stage 4 - 7th August, 2020

This is doing the rounds on facebook. Add to this that we must wear facemasks when we are outside of our home or car. The highlight of the day is our 1 hour exercise and Dan's press conference.

As of 6pm August 2nd 2020 Victoria was declared A State of Disaster

Stage 4 Metro Melbourne is no longer to leave home more than 5km for the purpose of shopping or exercise and must obtain all necessary items within the 5km.

Only 1 person can leave the home for shopping purposes no more than once per day and for no longer than 1 hour No more than 1hr exercise, within the 5km radius from home, in groups no bigger then 2 people. A curfew has been set between 8pm - 5am every day - only allowing people to leave home during those times for giving or getting care, or work purposes. Police will be out in force and you will be required to prove you are lawfully out via permit for work purposes Regional Victoria - from midnight Wednesday 5th 2020 will move to Stage 3 - stay at home except for the 4 reasons of grocery shopping, medical purposes, exercise or work. From Wednesday all students will move back to flexible and remote learning for all schools across the entire state! However, schools will remain open for those who are permitted workers that do not have another option and for vulnerable children All Early Childhood Services are to be closed to all families except for vulnerable children, those that are deemed permitted workers that do not have a person in their home to look after these children and Koori children - to access childcare you must have a permit to prove you a eligible. Most businesses are to be shut down across the state with the only businesses open to the public being supermarkets, pharmacies, bottle shops, fruit and veg stores, butchers, bakery’s and service stations. This will run for at least 6 weeks depending on data of positive coronavirus cases. Daniel Andrews as Premier of Victoria completed his 34th press conference in a row on Wednesday 5th August 2020 recording the worst day so far for positive cases being 725 cases. We will get through this 💙💚💜

This is the one thing we plan our day around. Most days it's around 11.30am.....any later and it's not good news.

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