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Day 44 Living the Lockdown. Love - 6th May, 2020

I kinda feel like a phony as I'm not really locked down anymore. I've got work or work related stuff on at least twice a week, then there's shopping - I'm not really that isolated. I can't see my friends which sucks. And no parkrun for the foreseeable future, but I don't feel locked down. I still want to write this blog as it'll still be great to read in the future.

Today I had the Network RV shoot in Greenvale. We had 2 lovely families. One was a family of 5 with 3 boys. The other a mum with 2 girls. The shoot went well, great weather too, we followed it with a celebratory red wine (which we had used for styling the shoot).

Last night Maggie wasnt very well, so I've had so little sleep. I reckon 3-4 hours of light, broken sleep. I'm so tired!

So night the now. Time to hit the sack.

Stunning Sunrise

For all those years I thought it was a coffee cup holder!



Our location

And a beautiful sunset.

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