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Should you shoot RAW or JPG?

Once you go beyond basic shooting and upgrade to a camera that has RAW option, you'll wonder which mode you should be shooting in.

It's a good question too! The short answer is that if you never ever plan to edit the photos, JPG will be ok in easy and unchanging lighting conditions. Otherwise I highly recommend shooting in RAW.

I've gone into more depth in the video, explaining what RAW is and why it's more versatile. In addition, when I think it's crucial to use it.

Conditions that you should use RAW rather than JPG.

  • Anything important where you must get the photos.

  • Tricky lighting, sunny, bright acontrastnd high conditions.

  • Low light

  • Strong colours that cause colour casts

  • Changeable lighting

  • Backlighting

  • Any professional shooting should be done in RAW

By Amanda Radovic, Melbourne corporate headshot and branding photographer.

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