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Day 4 Living the Lockdown Life - March 27th, 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

So today is Friyay....only it's just Friday - all days are the same right now. It's kinda like that time between XMas and the NY, when you don't even know what day it is. I've even taken off my watch. Time doesn't really matter at the moment. The only that matters timewise, is that we give our dog her meds on time - 6am, 2pm, 10pm. I've not watched any news today at all. In fact I started the day with meditation and a sleep in. I listen to meditation at night to go to sleep in a positive mindset. However, I think I've formed a sleep association with it, as I went out like a light this morning! Woke up at! Was very nice though. Chloe is off to work again, but we had a slow start and nattered about nothing much. Quality time right there! Oh and we had a postal delivery - no signing required. They just leave it at your door now. It's a stunning day too. Warm, sunny, blue skies and gentle breezes. Perfect :) In fact perfect to get more washing out on the line lol....yep getting right on top of that! Soon I'll be so up to date I'll be able to wash the dogs' coats ready for the cool weather. I had to go down to Laurimar shops today. Things have changed since I was there earlier in the week. The chemist had a sign out front and one of the shop assistants was outside limiting the number of people who could go in at one time. She said that when there are more than 20, they can't keep the 1.5m distance from each other, so she was stopping people from entering until someone else had left. It's really good to see that kind of initiative. Woolworths now has tape marking out 1.5m tape cross distances for customers to queue on. And there was a dedicated store assistant to sanitise the baskets and trolleys. Alcohol is now limited too (I think this is a good thing)!

Best news, is Paul is back from the Mornington Peninsula. He had a job down there so was staying at his sister's holiday home. I'm glad to have him back, especially if we go into full lockdown next week (that's the whisper).

Controlling who goes in - no more than 20 at a time

Still alot busier than I expected

Safe distance zones taped on the floor

Reassuring to see them sanitising the baskets

Crosses denote where to stand to keep that social distance at 1.5m

Liquor limits

So I make my bed so many times a day. These dogs mess it up over and over until I give up and lock them out.

Beautiful day today

getting all that washing up to date!

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