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Day 3 Living the lockdown life - March 26th, 2020!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today I never left my property at all. Not for a second. Watched some news (and muted alot of it too), emptied my wardrobe and gave alot of things to the Diabetes charity. Feels so good to only have clothes that I actually wear in my wardrobe! It took the best part of the day because I did it properly. Also getting right on top of the washing....our house is feeling more organised than usual! Social distancing is working, the percentage of new infections has slowed, but people still are flouting the new laws. Queensland closed it's borders today, first time in over 100 years (see the new photos), so now the only states not locked down are Victoria and NSW, some scumbag spat in a police officer's face and our nurses are being attacked by the general public as they commute home. Can you believe that? The reason, these dimwits think that the nurses are spreading the virus. Chloe worked a 6 hour shift at ALDI stocking shelves. She's not getting any days off (today was meant to be her day off). Jesse spent most of his day on his computer playing games with his mates. Feeling grateful for some quiet time, beautiful sunny skies and finding a little bag of crystals in my cleanout. I cleansed and charged them in the sunshine, while I sat out enjoying the sun and a peppermint tea!

Run down of today's statistics

Beautiful sunny day - taken at 8am

Watching the Office

sorting the wardrobe (and changing sheets too)

self explanatory

QLD borders closed

Sweet JB always hoping for food

snuggles with JB

And that was our day! Day 3 :)


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