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Landscape Horizons

WHERE should you place your horizon? All too many photos have the horizon dead centre. Nothing wrong with it, just a bit boring.

Try moving the horizon to one of the horizontal compositional thirds. If you want to highlight the sky, choose the bottom third, if you want to highlight the land, choose the top third. And you can play with the horizon and see what feels good to you. I placed the horizon very low in the 2nd image and it works as I wanted to fill the frame with lots of that beautiful sky. CENTRED.... a centred horizon will work really well when you are including a reflection in the image. It gives beautiful symmetry.

TILT - so many people tilt their image and the horizon isn't level. It's the quickest give away that the photographer is an amateur ;) Keep your horizons straight and see how much it improves your image. Both these images were taken in Northern QLD waters on the cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas. Sigh.....I wonder when we can safely cruise again because I have withdrawal symptoms.

Amanda is a Melbourne based corporate headshot and branding photographer.

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