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For All They Know, You Could Be An Axe Murderer ...Or... 12 Reasons Why You Need A New Head Shot

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

1) Your business life depends on it. People buy from people

2) Your current headshot is more than five years old

3) You don't have a professional headshot (see point No.1)

4) You cropped your picture out of a group picture

5) Your current image is blurry

6) You are using an adorable picture of your dog or child

7) You have a tacky bright blue background

8) You have a white background

9) You took a selfie with your smartphone

10) You are wearing a tux or a bridesmaids dress

11) Your neighbour with the expensive camera took your picture

12) You are holding a margarita

Headshotz Photography is now accepting new clients in Melbourne and Brisbane*.

Melbourne shoots

July 25 th to September 16 th

October 3 rd to December 21st

Brisbane shoots

September 21 st to September 29 th

The best way to secure a spot is to DM me.

Here's to a brand new headshot you'll love because it feels like you.

*If you live on a road close to the direct route from Melbourne to Brisbane, let me know as I road-trip it up and back, and I am amenable to a wee detour and a photo shoot.

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