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Fitness Centre Photoshoot

Last week I did a shoot for Sentience Personal Training. Snezana and her trainers, run virtual training sessions online, as well as traditional face to face training at her studio which is behind Rivers of Yarrambat. We are doing a second shoot focusing on her health focus in the near future.

Sentience Personal Training focuses on a holistic view of health and functional fitness and progresses members comfortably at their pace. This was evident as the members were having a great time as I witnessed lots of smiles and fun.

And I joined myself! I love the flexibility of the virtual sessions, being able to do them from home or wherever I choose is such a drawcard.

In my past life I was a personal trainer and from what I've seen already, I can highly recommend Sentience Personal Training to anyone wanting to up their health and fitness.

For more information, visit their website:

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