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Day 9 - Living the Lockdown Life - 1st April, 2020

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

April fool's day today - also Day of Hope. I prefer the latter! I had to go out today. Maggie had a vet appointment to have her steroid shot, without it she'd die. So yes, that was essential. I also needed to do a big shop so went to ALDI where Chloe works and did shopping to last at least a week. Apart from bread, I hope to not have to go out now. I dropped some flour off to my inlaws, it was really weird to not go in and have a cuppa - almost felt rude. But of course, it is quite the opposite, not seeing them because we love them and don't want them to get this awful virus. I simply can't get over how quiet the roads are. I literally stopped in the middle of Yan Yean Rd to take a photo. There was nothing behind me at all at 9.30am on a Wednesday morning....unheard of hey! Spent the afternoon doing social media stuff for my business. Because I'm not able to do face to face work, I'm using this time to get onto social media and build relationships with potential customers. So a shameless plug right here - you can connect with me here on LinkedIn Here are examples of my lifestyle and family work and I have a personal project which is insta page for dogs. I photograph dogs that I meet out and about (although of course right now I'm using older images from dogs I've taken in the past) I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking roast lamb and pumpkin soup for tomorrow. Think I'll go start a new binge series - starting with UnReal!

I forgot to take the sky today - but here it is on Yan Yean Road. It did cloud over in the afternoon.

Yan Yean Rd at 9.30am!

At the vet - chairs and tape around front desk so that we can't get too close

Maggie in the car. She got her needle in the car today and most people were just waiting with their pets in their cars (you can see the lady behind doing the same). Her nails need trimming, hers grow so fast!

Yep, the daily trash the bed photo

JB. Butter wouldn't melt in that mouth....that mouth also caused the damage on the chair behind his ear.

Don't quite know what that pose is Maggie

I think that he figures if he hides his face, I can't see him and wont tell him to get off the bed!

Kooky dog!

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