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Day 8 - Living the Lockdown Life 31st March, 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A fairly short one today. Didn't do alot. Did my social media stuff and had a zoom meeting with my business coach and socials guru, Catharine from Reddendale Media Then Chloe and I took Duke for a 3.7km walk. Already society is looking so different, there are families out together with the kids, riding bikes, walking, sitting (alone together) in the park having lunch, sitting out in their front yards together watching the few cars go by. It's really nice. Definitely a positive in these unsettling times. Unfortunately our walk was cut short as Duke decided to crash into my bad knee so the next few hours were spent icing it on the couch and setting up my new photography tips group on facebook. Feel free to join it, it's free! Then Paul came home from the Mornington peninsula. We weren't expecting him so that was a lovely surprise!

Home office!

Zoom'ing it with Catharine (love our Matyck bottles)

Walk with Duke, the kids in the area are chalking rainbows for hope. And JB hoping for twisties

Glorious sunny skies

wuhoo....hubby's home!

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