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Day 7 - Living the Lockdown Life 30th March, 2020

Today was a really quiet, non-eventful day. Had a crappy night sleep, tossed, turned, got too hot, kick the covers off, got too cold. Was wide awake with a mini panic attack at 4.44am, so got up and had a drink of water then hit the meditation music at about 5.30am. I went out like a light and awoke at 9am. The good thing about being stuck at home working is being able to sleep in when you've had a crap night. The small things hey! Today I spent my time dusting, washing exciting I hear you cry! But feels good nevertheless. I ended up selling some of my fitness equipment that I no longer use to a fellow photographer on facebook. She'd been having trouble finding 10kg dumb-bells so it was a win win situation! She got her weights, I got to clear out some gear that I just don't use and get some much needed $$. I spent a good hour on the phone to the ATO, very boring but very necessary! Everything is up in the air and because nobody knows how long things are going to be like this for, it was best to call the ATO and get things put into place in case of the worst case scenario. Finished off this lazy day watching MAFS. Lizzie and Sebastian were so sweet, I had a tear in my eye! Hope they last the distance.

Dusting off the kettlebells and dumb-bells to sell them.

bye bye unused weights!

Cloudy skies gave way to blue skies in the afternoon.

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