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Day 6 - Living the Lockdown Life - 29th March, 2020

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Feeling tired today and you can tell by how this reads! Paul and I took JB and Duke for a 2.4km walk around the estate. We then put Maggie in the car and took her to Yan Yean Reservoir to walk her along the top of the reservoir. Maggie usually only goes in the car to go to the vet and I want to change that association for her. Especially now as I have the time to drive her to somewhere else for a walk. It was a lovely morning too, windy but mild. We bumped in Vula who was at the 9km mark of her long run today. We said a quick hi (several meters apart) and moved on. It would have been lovely to stop and talk but a/ social distancing (chatting would defeat the purpose) and b/ it's no fun to stop your run and lose your momentum! And really it was a very quiet day. We sat and had a cuppa at under the pergola, watched some TV, had a zoom virtual 'drink' meeting with Julie and watched the rain and cool change roll in. It got really dark at around 3.45pm when we got some rain. Not as heavy as we expected. Chloe worked from 7am - 3pm, so we're all home for the rest of the night. And now it's time for MAFS....yep love that car crash tv lol.

Walk at Yan Yean Reservoir, very quiet, no picnics or bbq's, just a few dog walkers and a couple of runners

I really do make my bed!

Until these monsters mess it up several times a day

the day started of sunny with blue skies

Paul working on his short game

And the rain rolled in!

So dark all of a sudden!

New laws: public gatherings limited to 2 people only, over 70s to self isolate.

And today's statistics

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