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Day 51 Living through the Corona Pandemic - 13th May, 2020

So today was the first day of easing the restrictions. So I met Belinda to pick up my strobe and softbox and then we had a coffee outside Woolies!

Edited the photos from last night and then did a Dogs of Oz shoot with Yvonne's dogs.

The cruise industry is doing it so hard right now. Cruises are off the table till July. Crew have been stuck onboard for over 50 days. Countries are turning the ships away (USA is playing hardball and not allowing their residents back), not providing them with supplies and not allowing crew to disembark. Charter flights are being cancelled. So there are approx 70,000 displaced crew right now - and some are starting to commit suicide. It's horrible.

First coffee (outside) with Belinda after picking up my light from her.

USA - these figures are scary

England - also scary.

Let's hope we can keep our numbers down

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