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Day 5 - Living the Lockdown Life - March 28th, 2020

So today is Saturday, sunny, pleasant and around 27C I reckon. A stunning day weather wise. Not so stunning however was an increase in 111 new cases of covid19 diagnosed in Victoria overnight. Not surprising though as there are still some people who aren't taking the social distancing laws seriously. Yesterday media showed scores of people sunbaking on St Kilda beach in groups that definitely weren't just from the same household. Anyhow, today for us - we started off doing our virtual 5km parkrun, even mine was just walking. But it meant that we had all 3 dogs walked by 9.30am which was nice. Then Paul and Chloe took off to do a run on Chapel Lane to get some hills in. It was very quiet this morning. I guess that with the usual weekend sports, activities and entertainment cancelled, people may as well sleep in right! I've noticed that the traffic noise has quietened from probably Yan Yean Rd and maybe even Bridge Inn Rd. Not that I noticed the noise before, it's more that I'm noticing the quiet now. At lunch time we decided to go into the city for a drive (not to get out of the car though). I wanted to photograph the city while it's quiet as it's something that I hope I never get to experience again in my lifetime. I did get out of the car, but only when there was nobody around. Most photos were taken out of the passenger window or through the windshield! It was good to see that most people are taking heed of the laws, as the city was very quiet. However I was dismayed to see that the Tan track was PACKED with runners and walkers, that we witnessed several groups of cyclists (typically groups of 3-10) and socialising at the red lights, in close quarters to each other. Waiting now for Stage 3 restrictions and a state of disaster to be announced (currently state of emergency), due to the disregard of so many people. Stay well x

I have NEVER ever seen Crown Casino completely vacant like this and its lunchtime on a Saturday!

Not a soul to be seen

our streets are dead

lots of delivery drivers at the moment as all the cafes and restaurants are closed

Bridge Rd Richmond - lunch time on a shoppers at all.

Paul taking me around so I can take these photos to remember

Corner of Swanston & Collins Street - this is the heart of the city and there were around 10-12 people in total

Collins Street

Collins St - 80% of the people consist of security, delivery drivers, workers

Driving into the city

Victoria Parade East Melbourne/Fitzroy

what a glorious day!

Leg 1 - Duke's walk

Handsome sweet boy

Leg 2 - JB's walk. He's dog reactive on leash so we muzzle him in case we encounter an off leash dog. We've had them rush at us before

Leg 3 - Maggie's walk

JB loves sunning himself in the front window.

Ugh - 111 new cases in Victoria

board games

More board games

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