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Day 48 Living through the COVID19 Pandemic - 10th May, 2020

Today is Mother's Day. And with the talk of restrictions being eased, the people went mad and filled the shipping centres etc. Idiots. Absolute bloody idiots. People everywhere, in close quarters and definitely not observing social distancing. Pretty scary to think that they are prepared to undo all the good that has been done from the lockdown. Unfortunately you can't fix selfish and stupid. Harsh and judgemental of me I know, but they don't give a shit about the vulnerable people so I don't give a shit about being judgemental.

Having said that, I had a lovely Mother's Day. We watched TV, walked Duke to the shops as we needed to pick up Maggie's meds.

Time to watch Dead 2 me season 2!

No stats today as the government hasn't updated them since yesterday.


Mother's Day massive brekky!

Morning coffee

Watching One Chance

I love how everyone is out walking and cycling during lockdown. I hope it stays when things go back to normal.

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