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Day 43 Living the Lockdown Life - 5th May, 2020

So today we met again with Joe from Network RV and we're shooting tomorrow first thing! So that meant we went to Epping for coffee and food. Then off to Greenvale to check out the location. Then in to Collingwood to pick up the trigger I need for tomorrow. Then home and down to the ovals to watch Chloe run her intervals. Because she carries epipens she can't run solo until we know exactly what she is allergic to. So far we only know peanuts. Then cook, get gear ready for work tomorrow, charge everything, type out the shoot plan, print off model releases, yadayada. Some bad news, the meat processing plant (abbattoir) has seen a cluster of COVID19 diagnoses. Victoria has recorded 17 new cases and the curve is starting to turn upward again. I'm not at all surprised by how many people are acting like it's all over.

So off to bed for this little black duck! Night.

foggy start

snowy for Paul

more fog for us.

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