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Day 37 Living the Lockdown Life - 29th April, 2020

So I got up at 6am to get back into my routine. I had my coffee out on the verandah, it was about the warmest weather of the whole day! I even managed to capture a glimpse of the sun before the heavy rain set in.

I had my hair cut at last! It's been around 12 weeks and it was horrid. I got her to cut it even shorter than usual so hopefully next hair cut, times will be a little bit more normal. The drive to Kinglake was beautiful, it was misty and felt like we were in a cloud.

Centrelink have put our claim on hold again, asking for more forms to be filled in. It's ridiculous because most of the questions have already been answered in the application. You can't call them as the minute you say "claim" on the automated phone thingy, the system tells you to go online and hangs up. But online can't help me, but they also don't want you coming in to the office! It's so broken. I first registered in mid March, so it's been 7 weeks with virtually no income and at this rate it'll be at least another couple of weeks (probably more). This is the reality of lockdown. And many have it alot worse than us!

Had to go to Woolies on the way home, ran out of A4 paper, printing up the 60 odd pages for the Centrelink forms! Saw Shona and Narelle, it's so good seeing people but so weird not to hug!

And Maggie is a little bit off. She had her zycortal shot this morning, hopefully it's just that and she picks up tomorrow.

Morning coffee in the dark at 6am

15 minutes later

The Little tiny bit of sunshine today!


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