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Day 34 Living the Lockdown Life - 26th April, 2020

Today was an easy one, haven't left the house at all. It poured down with rain all night....totally pissed down. And then we had one of those bi-polar Melbourne weather days. Sunshine and bright one minute, dark and dreary a minute later then raining cats and dogs the next. I used to cook, catch up on all my social media scheduling and to play with some fairy lights and my camera! Days when you don't leave the home are really quite boring. I'm lucky that I've had a bit of work on so that I haven't been completely cut off. Although I have to say that I am totally loving having my morning coffee outside each day. I love watching the family of magpies that sit on the street lights and roofs and warble away to each other.

They are starting to talk about lifting the restrictions somewhat. QLD and WA are both loosening the restrictions, they'll be able to go out and have picnics in the park, meet friends as long as they are practicing social distancing. I hope that is us soon too, however not at the expense of undoing the good we've done to date.

Pretty fairy lights

How I set this one up

Zucchini slice

Bipolar skies

So much rain overnight

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