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Day 33 Living the Lockdown Life, 25th April, 2020

ANZAC Day 2020 was like no other. We got up at 5.35am to be ready for the pre dawn service. However this year, we all stood out in our driveways, front gardens etc and streamed the Canberra service on our phones or TVs. After the Bugle, ode, silence and NZ/Australian anthems, we watched the rest inside on tv.

Then it was just another boring day in isolation.

I set up a studio strobe and took some photos of Chloe for a photo lesson on creating mood.

Homemade hamburgers for dinner and the nightly TV routine.

Apparently the shops, parks, beaches etc were all busy today. I hope this doesn't spark new cases in a week. Some dickhead guy in South Gippsland organised a protest. President Trump is being roasted for his tremendous stupidity. He heard that sunlight and disinfectant kills COVID19. So he suggests perhaps we could inject disinfectant or get sunshine into the inside of our bodies. Not only is he a buffoon, he's incredibly stupid.

Photos of Chloe today

ANZAC Day dawn service

JB having snuggles

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