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Day 32 - Living the Lockdown Life - 24th April, 2020

Today was meant to be a home day except for doing the fortnightly shop. However, Dr Israel called to say that he had flu vaccinations in stock so Jesse and I got it done straight away. Last thing we need is to catch the flu. I was so sick in December when I caught the Influenza A on the cruise. I really don't want that one again. The doctors are now actually seeing us. Last week they were doing the vaccinations in your car whereas now they are doing it in the surgery. Everything is set up so that you can't sit close to other people, with signs on the seats. I was happy to get out of there to be honest! Then a big grocery stock up so that we don't have to go back for awhile. It's actually saving money as I'm really planning our meals. I even put in the calendar what we are having each night so I don't have to um and ah over what to cook. And it means that I don't accidentally forget that I have something at the back of the freezer. It's working well. And that was pretty much today - sat out the front in the sun with Paul for awhile (gorgeous day weather wise), walked Dukey. Unfortunately there are just too many dogs out to walk JB. He's too dog reactive. When the weather turns to shit we can walk him again. Sometimes we take him out at night too. Over and out for today.

such a beautiful day

hygiene station at the doctors

Social distancing.

Greyhounds are so lazy, this is how Duke begs for food.

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