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Day 30 - Living the Lockdown Life - 22nd April, 2020

Soooo, Australia is the no 5 country in the world for flattening the curve. So they are talking about loosening the lockdown a little. We can now go to the beach to surf and swim! Well yeah, what do you expect? I mean this is Australia after all!! Oh, and elective surgeries can recommence.

Today I had a headshot shoot for gardener Kris Faltis together with Catharine. Kris lives on a gorgeous property in Upper Plenty, with horses, chooks, cats and Tex the dog. Seriously, it was the best shoot and I loved her. Such a great woman.

Spent the rest of the afternoon editing her photos. Such a great day!

Love this pocket shot

Kris from Feel Good Garden Care

Rusty the rooster

Gorgeous Tex

My office today

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