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Day 29 Living the Lockdown Life - 21st April, 2020

So today was the first ever so small, loosening of stage 3 restrictions. They are allowing elective surgeries to recommence. They are still concerned that it's way too early to lift them any more than that right now.

I had an essential dentist visit to fix a bad filling that was giving me pain. My dentist is in Chirnside Park so a bit of a drive.

To be honest it feels like there are a lot more cars on the roads. Ringwood and Hurstbridge were really busy.

After the dentist I cooked up a beautiful beef stew and made fresh bread, which was fresh from the 🍞 breadmaker. Yum!

And to make things even better, I've got fresh sheets on the bed tonight, I love that smell when they've been out in the fresh air then finished off in the dryer.


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