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Day 26 Living the Lockdown Life - 18th April, 2020

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So, yesterday I posted but it somehow has disappeared...bizarre! Australia could close their borders to international travel for up to 18 months (as long as it takes to develop a vaccine). Wow. That's seriously depressing.

Today, ummmmm - far out I can't remember! That's what it's like hey. Did time consuming stuff like scheduling a heap of posts for social media next week. Then took Chloe's car up to Bert and Bob's so that Matt could service it. Chloe and I did a bit of grocery shopping (the stuff we can't get at ALDI) while we waited. Today felt like a normal day up in Whittlesea, hardly any parking and people everywhere. It almost feels like people are getting sick of it and just ignoring it now. Then home to watch tv all afternoon/evening. We watched Love Wedding Repeat (funny funny and very light, rom com) and then a thriller...Memento, it was good but very involved plot. That's it for today. No photos either. How slack of me.

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