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Day 24 - Living the Lockdown Life, 16th April, 2020

So now we are well into the lockdown. News has settled down, no more round the clock broadcasts. We are hearing things like a vaccine may be 18 months away, or not at all. That China waited till after the US Trade agreements on Jan 15 to really admit that they had a problem, etc etc. Homeschooling started yesterday and already parents are finding it really difficult juggling everything. It's really kicking in that we are completely in lockdown and nothing is going to change for awhile. We are like this until at least mid June. Cruises cancelled until at least June 30th (and it will extend beyond then I'm certain). Everyday is so much the same that I can barely even remember what I did today. I edited photos all morning, organised photos for social media and cooked dinner, walked Dukey.

Still waiting for a centrelink payment and have no idea before that kicks in. As I'm barely working, we are entitled to Jobseeker. We registered mid March, were finally sent a link to apply on April 5 and still waiting with no idea of when we'll get paid. I don't know how some families have managed as there are some people who wont have had any money in 4 weeks. Counting our blessings that we can still buy groceries and petrol! That's about it for today. Over and out.

Hallway putting practise.

Pretty skies

Morning coffee in the sun before it turned cold

only 21 new cases nationally, that's getting lower which is fantastic.

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