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Day 22 Living the Lockdown Life - 14th April, 2020

Today was a complete home day, I only left the property to leave 2 hoops on the nature strip saying 'Free please take me'! I zoomed with Catharine then we did a bit of a family clean the house session. Amazing how much you can get done when 3 of you do it together. Chloe was at work of course. I'm feeling a little flat today. Might be because I got a fine for doing 62 in a 40 zone that I didn't even know was a 40 zone. I thought it was a 60 zone, so really I was doing 2km over in my mind! Anyhow, $330 plus 3 demerit points, right now with such little income coming in, sucks arse. And the alternator in Paul's car shit itself, so yeah - that's over $1000 in unexpected bills. So Universe, I'd like 10X that in unexpected income please. :)

thankyou Sharon Hughes for allowing me to use this image of the 6.10pm train to Mernda! Wow!

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