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Day 21 - Living the Lockdown Life - 13th April, 2020

Today I did headshots and branding for Catharine and Geoff and it was so much fun. It's amazing how I miss my photography when I'm not able to do it very much! We went down to Mill Park Leisure centre as it's a construction site now and Geoff is in construction. We used the ute and the fencing and it felt amazing! Then we headed back to their house to do the more office/computer style images for Catharine's site. I was in my element. It's also so wonderful to be able to talk face to face with people - really missing that. So today I didn't get any photos other than professional ones, so I'll just have to upload a couple of them and one that they took of me!

haha - yep we get up on ladders and down on our was ladder day

the resulting image

The gorgeous Catharine

And Geoff

So pretty isn't it.

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