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Day 20 Living the Lockdown Life - 12th April, 2020

So today was Easter Sunday Covid19 style. Not the best one ever but still nice. I literally did nothing except go for a belated 5km parkrun walk and cook brekky and dinner lol.

During our walk we saw a few large groups of people chatting outside their homes, exchanging Easter gifts. It was really disgusting to see people flout the law like that . As it is, we have had our state of emergency extended to May 11, another month. The curve of infection is flattening, so it is working.

Victoria's tough coronavirus crackdown has been extended for a month, as a plane loaded with infected cruise ship passengers arrived.

Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday that the state of emergency will be extended until midnight on May 11.

Under the declaration, the government has the power to keep measures designed to "flatten the curve" of coronavirus.

It was due to expire on Monday.

yummy scrambled eggs with spring onion and bacon

In case you weren't aware

Sign of the times lol....pun intended

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