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Day 2 Living the Lockdown life - 25th March 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today was a very lazy and quiet day. Laid in bed and snuggled with the dogs until 9am (loved that). Chloe (my daughter) was working at 12.00 today so she left at 11.30ish. I do worry about her working out there in the general public. She works for ALDI and has told us stories of customers who look ill, who are coughing, who are bringing in sick children and even licking their fingers to count out their notes. Seriously, some people are just so damned selfish. There aren't really any protective measures in place for her and her co-workers either. Just hand sanitiser, no gloves, no taped lines asking people to maintain a 1.5m distance from her - nada. And to be honest, it really pisses me off. Apparently they are getting perspex screens installed to protect the staff, but they're 4 weeks away. So in the meantime, she's at risk along with all the others in her position. Other than that, I had a lovely easy day at home, did a few jobs, watched the magpies outside my lounge window and watched some of the Coronavirus news (bulletins running all day). We are going into stage 2 lockdown tonight at midnight. Essentially just more shops and services cut out. Weddings are limited to only 5 people, the couple, 2 witnesses and the celebrant and no more than 10 people for a funeral. I think that's the toughest and most heartbreaking development. However, we can still get our hair cut! How they're supposed to cut your hair and keep a 1.5m distance from you is beyond my comprehension! This afternoon I went for a walk around the park and discovered that Duke is more interested in eating bird poo than the swans themselves. He was mildly interested in the swans for about 4 secs lol! The whippets have a MUCH stronger prey drive than he does.

I didn't see Jesse much at all (my 17yo son), he did come out to complain that the internet keeps dropping out (it does), lol but otherwise he's been in his room all day. I actually love some solo time, so I didn't mind a bit.

Going to settle in to watch MAFS after dinner. Entertainment is certainly going to play a huge part of this lockdown. TV, computers and social media all at the same time hahaha. It was lovely at around 3pm to be able to put my dressing gown on, instead of my jumper to keep me warm. I mean my dressing gown is just so much cosier than a jumper!

Dressing gowns are so much cosier than jumpers

Stage 2 announcement

3 dogs in the bed

Cloudy today and chilly - about 18C

Was watching this magpie and his mate for awhile

walk time with Dukey

Time to watch the swans in the lake

Dukey not really very interested in them, he lost interest after a few seconds

walking the big boy


Enough technology? And a dog.

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