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Day 19 - Living the Lockdown Life - 11th April, 2020

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So today is probably a true indication of the 'downside'of this. I did nothing except the grocery shopping and cook dinner. I had every intention to do out and do my 5km parkrunday walk, but the weather turned awful. High winds that brought down trees and there was tree litter everywhere, made it unsafe to be out walking. And it was bloody freezing, pissing down with rain - just one of those really shit Melbourne days. I took 2 photos, one out of the lounge window (when it was actually sunny early this morning) and one of the dogs in bed with me. It's unusual for all 3 to join me so I took a photo. Shopping at ALDI was busy. It was impossible to keep a 1.5m distance from others and there are alot of people who just don't give a shit. There was an old couple that were terrible, I actually asked them to give me space. There was also no need for BOTH of them to be there either. Sigh! In fact there have been alot more people around the last few days leading up to Easter. I hope this doesn't reflect in a spike in a week's time. We have 'flattened' the curve and are doing really well at the moment. There are some really lovely stories too of course, like the families that are pitching their tents in the back yard, lighting camp fires and camping at home! So cool. So at least we have a fridge full of fresh produce, a calendar of planned meals for the next 2 weeks (wow so domesticated for me lol). So not a write off today - just a flatter day than usual. So over and out for now, Easter bunny comes tomorrow.

Sunshine early before the vile weather hit

Afternoon snuggle with the fur babies

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