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Day 17 - Living the Lockdown Life - 9th April, 2020

Today was busy. I tried to get everything done today so that I wouldn't have to go out again. So started out with Chloe doing an exam for uni....in her room. That's just so weird! Then next was a zoom meeting with Catharine. I always feel so inspired after talking with her. Then off to the egg farm to get our fresh eggs, then to take Paul's headshots at his work and bring lunch for him and Jesse. They are working on a townhouse in Thornbury. Jesse went with Paul today to work and KFC was on the menu. Then home via Rosanna to pick up Chloe's food from The Gut Tribe.

When I got home, I did a photo challenge today that Ashley set up in a facebook group for photographers. She sets a daily challenge and we do it! Today was food so I set up some back lit lemons. It was a bit fiddly as I needed to put them on a sheet of glass (used some from a photo frame). I balanced the glass on 2 bits of timber that was held between 2 clothes airers, light tent under the set up with an off camera flash inside. I sprayed the lemons with Magnesium spray (as I didn't have an empty water spray) to make water droplets. I shot one like that then sprinkled it all with raw sugar. I'll post the results below. So tomorrow is Good Friday and for the first time EVER - fuel prices didn't skyrocket. Why? Because nobody is allowed to go away, so the bastards can't make extra money on us all. Apparently the police are blockading all the main routes out of the city so that people can't go camping and ignore the stage 3 laws. However, apparently there were tonnes of caravans heading north on the Hume. And to be honest, today the roads were really busy. It didn't feel like we were in lockdown as there was lots of traffic. I guess I was one of the cars on the road even if I was legitimately getting food and supplies. Walked Duke around the lake, there were so many dogs out and he was nutty today, so we ended up taking him the long way. You'd think with all the extra walking he'd calm down....nuh uh! Time to watch some episodes of UnReal with Chloe now.

I doubt that we'll see this very often....on Chloe's bedroom door. Remote university exams

our beautiful bottle brush in the morning sun

Paul at work

Jesse's first day working with Paul....I brought them KFC for lunch

My lemon, sugar photo.

Lemon and water


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