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Day 16 - Living the Lockdown Life - 8th April, 2020

Day 16 of living in future history if you know what I mean! Starting to get very used to sleeping in, it's lazy feeling but nice. I am always up by 8.30am but that seems very late compared to 5.45am! Anyhow, not complaining about that. Especially as we head into the cold weather. Today was a gorgeous sunny day with a bit of a breeze. I did my usual marketing work then watched Jexi on Amazon, took a walk with my camera around the lake and cooked a bit of dinner. Did some weeding out the front and sat in the sun on the verandah for about 45mins just soaking up some vitamin D. An easy day again. The alternator on the commodore has shit itself, I'm so thankful it didn't do it on Monday when I was working in Hawthorn. So tomorrow Paul has to take the mazda to work (and Jesse is going with him to work for the day). There are a whole host of COVID 19 conspiracy theories going on at the moment. China released it a bio warfare, the superpowers are using the release of COVID to put us in lockdown whilst they build a heap of 5G towers. When they release the vaccine for COVID-19 it will contain a nanochip that the governments can control us with via the 5G towers. And a host of others. We will probably never know the real truth, so I'll just keep doing what the government says. I have to admit though, I can't believe that everyone has relinquished their right to freedom so easily. I'm surprised there are no marches and displays of defiance! Over and out!

There were 5 black swans down at the lake today

yeah I just like this, looks ethereal. Just a tree blowing in the breeze lol

beautiful blue skies today

So JB stole a packet of biscuits off the side table and Maggie joined him for the unexpected treat. I love their crossed over heads

Tonight is the pink supermoon. Taken early at 8pm, apparently 11pm will be the best time to shoot it.

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