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Day 15 - Living the Lockdown Life 7th April, 2020

Today was a strange one. I had a zoom meeting with Catharine and I was super pumped talking with her about where our businesses are heading. Then I had to go pick up the candles/diffuser from Nicole of Arley with Love for the facebook competition. She is in Watsonia so we picked up our dimsims and chicken on the way home, and dropped in Catharine's candles at her door on the way home. So heaps accomplished in one trip and the only contact with any human was 2m away from the lady at the shop. Then I just edited. I had the edits to do from Yelda's job yesterday before heading out to shoot a couple of quick photos for Caty (with my long lens so a long way from her). Caty's due to have her baby next Wednesday and is really sad about all the restrictions around her having her baby. She couldn't get maternity or newborn photos, can't have visitors, no one can see her baby when he's born etc. It's just really rough. So I offered to snap a few photos of her in the park on my walk. It took about 10 mins, if that even lol! Things are getting really strict now, there seem to be more police than anyone else lol. Sign of the times. Good news though, Australia's rate of infection has slowed significantly. Don't know that it will mean much in so far as lockdown goes just yet. But it's a good sign. Night (not many pics today).

I love our flowering gum

Maggie! Naughty girl

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