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Day 13 - Living the Lockdown Life - 5th April, 2020

Today was another cold wintry day. Blech, I'm such a summer weather person. Only left the house today to go to the service station. Paul needed to fill the car up and I went with him. I didn't get out of the car, but it was nice just to get out of the house. The roads were so quiet, it's actually really weird. It's really good that everyone is staying home though. Luckily the cold weather doesn't entice you out and with cold weather for the next few days, it'll hopefully slow the spread. The news is reporting that there's been a significant slowing in infections.

The USA now has 1/4 of the COVID-19 cases. They have tents set up in the parks as hospital tents. It looks like MASH but it is real. The scary thing is that they think the peak will come in 6-8 weeks in the US. They are predicting they could lose up to 2m people. The horrible thing about this virus is that if you end up in ICU, you can't have anyone with you. Your loved ones aren't allowed to visit you. So people are dying totally alone. It's horrible. In England Boris Johnson and Prince Charles both have it, although I believe they are recovering however and BoJo has continued to work through it from home. So back to Oz. We just have all our current affairs programs banging on about cruise ships being incubators for the disease. The Ruby Princess docked in Sydney on March 18. They'd reported to NSW health that they had 15 cases of people with flu like symptoms but that they had tested negative to Influenza. There was also over 100 cases of influenza on the ship. Regardless of this, NSW health and the appropriate Australian authorities, cleared the ship and all passengers disembarked. They were mandated by law, to self isolate for 14 days as the law had been passed the day beforehand. However, many made their way home on public transport and didn't self quarantine and this mistake has caused alot of people to contract the virus. 3 of the 15 people with flu like symptoms, later tested positive to COVID-19. So NSW health has actually admitted fault, however the current affairs programs are still insinuating that Ruby Princess is to blame. It makes me so angry when they report so irresponsibly, they are responsible for panic buying and fear mongering. Ok, stepping down now from my soap box, but they make me so bloody mad. Some really sad news....MAFS is finished for 2020 lol. Better find me a new series to watch. Over and out, working in the morning (yay)!

Yan Yean Rd looking south to Bridge Inn Rd. Sunday afternoon - usually really busy!

Service station was dead

Dogs in their winter coats today. Poor babies were shaking with the cold lol

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