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Day 12 Living the Lockdown Life - 4th April, 2020

parkrun day feels so wrong to not get up and go to parkrun. But today we at least did a virtual 'zoom' after parkrun coffee/brekky! It was really awesome to chat with our friends online like that. We ended having around 17-18 people join at some point during the hour we were in the 'meeting'. The weather has turned to absolute shit overnight. It rained so much that everything is soaked and wet. And it's turned really cold too. This afternoon I checked the temperature and it was 9.2C but 'felt like' 0.6C (and windy too). I mean it's early April, not middle of July! Snap - cold! Luckily Paul and I got our 'parkrun' 5km dog walk in without getting soaked. We timed it between downpours, and just by fluke too. As soon as we got back I changed into my PJ's and stayed in them for the rest of the day! Not going anywhere, staying inside with the heater on. Cosy cosy!

drinking lots of tea at the moment - ginger and apple

Zoom parkrun/Northern runners zoom brekky and coffee

5km parkrun dog walk

Lake near our place overflowing from excessive rain overnight

what else to do on a wet cold day in iso


pretty windy today.

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