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Day 10 - Living the Lockdown Life - 2nd April, 2020

Days are feeling the same now. And it feels weird to not have to be places and be busy. Yesterday I had to be up and at the vet for Maggie's morning appointment, then I had to do the shopping, go to the egg farm and drop some goods off at my in laws and my nieces homes. That felt normal. Going to bed last night, knowing I didn't have to be up and ready for anything, feels weird. Like it's not holidays is it. It's now almost 2 weeks and it just feels really strange to think this lifestyle is looming for maybe the next 5 months, or more. So although I love a good sleep in, I think I need to set a routine, daily tasks etc. I'll feel more productive then and more normal. I can at any time choose to have a day off from it hey! I'm wondering how everyone else is feeling now, how they're coping with the new, enforced normal. I was saying to Chloe, that it blows my mind that our civil liberties and basic human rights of freedom, are taken away right now. Not complaining about it, but it certainly blows my mind. I'm spending alot of my time working on my marketing for my business. And I'm also giving back too. My friend and coach Catharine Redden, suggested I start up a photography education facebook group. It resonated with me as I like to give back and right now, people have the time to learn stuff and practise and play with their cameras/phones. I recorded a couple of tutorial videos today for it and have been busy on the group with all the new members. If you love taking photos and want to do a better job, please join it, it's free. Other than that, we got told off by Duke at 5.30pm for not taking him on his walk already. Chloe and I ended up taking him for the quickest dash around the block as BOM was showing very heavy rain on the radar. We were lucky and only caught the light rain, we were back at home when the heavens opened. Had yummy steaks, mustard/bacon potatoes and broccoli for dinner. Now it's time to watch some TV before hitting the sack and doing it all again tomorrow!

Cloudy and wet today

I swear it's my bed.

Lovely Maggie


Chloe playing some game on her phone.

Rain rain rain

At least the bamboo is liking the rain. We've been watering but it's been looking pretty sad.

Those eyes. When it's nearly dinner time he follows me everywhere. I was bringing in the washing near where we feed him.

One of my photos from the backgrounds matter video on the facebook group. Using it as my new LinkedIn profile pic in BW.

Oh and I'll let you in on a secret. I wore my pj pants all day! To be fair, they do look just like yoga pants but nevertheless, I wore them all day. I had my shower, put on makeup, did my hair and put my pj pants back on lol! They're just so soft and cosy (bamboo).

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