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Day 1 Living the lockdown life.....Covid-19 Melbourne, Australia - March 24th, 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I'm creating a photo journal of life in lockdown due to the coronavirus. I live in Doreen, outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. I'm a portrait photographer and so my work diary is now completely empty due to the responsibility of social distancing. Everyday I'll post a photo of the sky :) March 24, 2020 saw the introduction of stage 1 lockdown/social distancing. In Victoria, schools closed, hotels and all entertainment (think restaurants, cinemas, sports) closed and cafes only open for takeaway. Yesterday was also the 3rd year angelversary for my Nan, who passed away on this day in 2017. My day 1 included a trip to the chemist to get my dog's medications and the supermarket for supplies. We have 3 dogs, Maggie, JB and Duke (2 six yo whippets and and a five yo greyhound in that order). Maggie has several major health conditions, liver shunt, epilepsy and Addison's Disease. Without her 3x daily meds, she wont survive so it's a priority to ensure she has her medication. The chemist has taped out 1.5m lines for people to stand on to ensure they're not to close to each other and the workers. The shelves in the supermarket are still very empty, no loo paper, eggs and little meat to choose from. I met a chubby little pug waiting for his human so I took an opportunistic photo of him too (see him on my Dogs of Oz insta too)! On a nice note, it was lovely to spend the day at home with the kids and the dogs. The dogs spent nearly the entire day in my bed! Lazy buggers!

Then the afternoon was a lazy one, cooking spaghetti bolognaise and watching Stranger on Netflix (binge watched the series) then MAFS. Photo explanations.....lumps in bed = dogs! JB in kitchen: always optimistic he'll get some food. #COVID19#covid19lockdownmelbourne#coronaviruslockdownmelbourne#lockdownlifemelbourne#coronavirus

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